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Saturday, March 26, 2016   /   by Bryan Statt

Hey, What's up with all the Multiple offers? I thought the market was soft?

Well folks, the new reality in Edmonton, Sherwood park and surrounding areas is that inventory levels continue to rise and consumer confidence is apathetic at best. Interest rates are low, there are many homes to choose from and it would appear that this is the time to take a casual look into buying your first home. So why is it that when you are talking to that co-worker who is looking for a new home they tell you that every property they have seen online is pending or sold and when they write an offer quick on a new listing they find themselves in Multiple offers? Well the anatomy of this enigma is actually quite logical. It is actually because of the low interest rates and high inventory levels! We currently have a LARGE number of buyers in the market who have become highly educated on price and value because they have seen so many properties and have lots of comparable homes in all areas. So when that really cute home with the great price in a good neighbourhood comes up they all j ...

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Monday, March 14, 2016   /   by Gary Kirkham

Sherwood Park Expansion

The debate is coming to the end soon over the proposed expansion in Strathcona County.Colchester vs Bremner.There are pluses to both locations.Colchester in my opinion would have a much nicer appeal to offering a country feel with good access to Sherwood Park being located south of the Park.Bremmer would accommodate a higher population (54,000 vs 38,000) and offer more jobs(98,000 vs 65000).The City of Edmonton has voiced their opinion favoring Bremmer over Colchester.It would also stop Fort Saskatchewan from attempting their annexation attempts.The wind prevails from West to East and pollution and odors would impact Bremmer more negatively.Again if I was boss of the world I would choose Colchester over Bremmer because if development is inevitalble Colchester would offer a more country feel and be great for families.So the debate continues.Council will be revisiting this issue again on March 22nd 2016.

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Monday, March 07, 2016   /   by Bryan Statt

Choice abounds as prices... Hover?!?

Despite the doom and gloom of the national news media, the report from boots on the ground in the real estate trenches in Edmonton are remarkably positive. As inventory has continued to rise again this month, as we would expect in the normal seasonal swell, the undeserved fear and trepidation the media has been peddling hasn't seemed to affect the average prices much at all. Some categories have seen slight retraction to be sure, however for the amount of effort that has been exerted in making buyers scared of Alberta real estate, Albertans are a hearty bunch used to the ebbs and flows of an active and dynamic market. The bottom line for you, the consuming public? Well its simple, you have more to choose from as a buyer and more competition as a seller, but my advice for both buyers and sellers is that the BEST homes ALWAYS sell FIRST and FAST. Buyers should be prepared to buyer when the right home comes on and be prepared for multiple offers as other buyers are doing the same. Sellers ...

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Thursday, March 03, 2016   /   by Gary Kirkham

Market Condition March 2016

The Edmonton area market is active regardless of the doom and gloom being painted by the media.Houses priced at $400k and less are seeing the most action.We are getting multiple offers on some of these listings.Price is still a major consideration for most buyers at this time so the best priced homes are moving quickly.

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